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1. русской не существует, т.к. я её не писал

2. в актуале в.2.2 уже. а может и новее. но после 2.0 там нового ничего, тока кряки банились...


May 24th, 2007: PCMSCAN™ v2.2.1 has been released.

What's New


Version 2.2.1, May 24th 2007


Merged ELM and OBD-II response timeout settings into just one setting.

Added new DashXL feature to maintain dashboard aspect ratio.

Fixed a communications timeout that was causing problems with Bluetooth devices.

Fixed bug in the DashXL text horizontal justification calculations.

Added new text layout method to DashXL.

Added new script API functionality.

Version 2.2.0, April 22nd 2007


Don't allow reading/clearing trouble codes while data logging.

Fixed Innovate LM-1 connectivity problem.

Fixed problem where the software could crash if data logging for extended periods of time.

Optimized installer size by removing redundant files.

Version 2.1.2, April 4th 2007


Added support for oxygen sensor test results.

Added new plugin system so 3rd party developers can extend the scan tool functionality.

If you would like to develop a plugin, please contact us.

Added Portuguese language translation.

Added Italian language translation.

Fixed connection problem on Win9x computers


Как можно видеть - существенного там недофига. "Оптимизация кода" :)

Исправление кривых букв в 77-окошке и т.д.


ссылк прямо на софт:__хttp://www.palmerperformance.com/download/pcmscansetup.exe

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благодарю за объяснение,ток недавно приобрел из elm серию 327 и считал ,что для нее ток 1.4.3 подходит, а 2... значит тоже можно применить? Надо значит открывать словарь и переводить

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